If you qualify for Medicaid and have your card, you are ready to use it for services and checkups. Finding a Medicaid provider can sometimes be challenging, but the New York website has a list of providers for you.

Not all dentists accept Medicaid, so it’s important to know beforehand or before scheduling your appointment. You can always call and ask the office yourself if you don’t see the provider listed on the state’s website.

The good news is that there are hundreds of dentists in New York that accept Medicaid. To help our CDPAP patients we have ranked the top 10 dentists throughout the state.

What do dentists do?

Dentists diagnose and treat diseases in the mouth. This includes the teeth and gums as well. Diseases and injuries in the mouth can affect every part of your body if left untreated. Taking care of your mouth and gums is an essential part of overall health.

Dentists will check your mouth for any sign of disease. They will also do preventative care such as routine cleaning and x-rays. They will also show you how to properly brush and floss your teeth so that you can take better care of your oral health at home.

In addition to general care practices, many dentists are also trained in cosmetic procedures. This includes Invisalign, dental implants, teeth whitening, and many other services. Dentists want to make sure your teeth are healthy, but that they also look good.

Having a nice healthy smile makes your body healthier and also makes you feel more confident. A dentist will be able to advise you on what treatments and preventative care might be best for you and your unique situation. This includes cleanings, check-ups, fillings, and tooth extractions.

Dental problems are usually more easily solved at the beginning, so try and go to the dentist as soon as you notice a change or pain in your mouth.

The 10-best dentist in NY who accept Medicaid

1.     Dr. Gyu-Le Song, DMD at Dental Work NY

Dr. Gyu-Le Song went to Emory University in Atlanta for his Bachelor of Science in Biology. He then attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston to receive his Doctor of Dental Medicine in 2015.

He also received Advanced Education in General Dentistry from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in 2016.

He performs the following services:

●  Routine restorative treatment

●  Crowns

●  Bridges

●  Implants

●  Restorations

●  Endodontics

●  Extractions

●  Periodontal therapy

Dr. Song is known to be very kind and attentive. He spends time with each of his patients to address their concerns and help them. The Dental Work NY office is also known to be extremely clean with amazing staff including dental hygienists and receptionists.

Dr. Song practices at the following Dental Work NY locations:

Dental Arts

437 West 127th St

New York, NY 10027


Comfort Dental Care PLLC

591 East Tremont Ave.

The Bronx, NY 10457


He is board-certified with the American Dental Association (ADA) and New York Dental Association (NYSDA).

2.     Klodiana F. Margariti, DDS

Dr. Margariti practices in the Yorkville area of Manhattan. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Brooklyn College in 1999 and her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from New York University College of Dentistry.

She also completed a special program at New York University College of Dentistry in Implantology, Surgical, and Restorative Treatment in 2013.

Her office provides a range of different dental services including:

●  Digital X-rays

●  Oral cancer screening

●  Preventative care

●  Comprehensive cleaning

●  Teeth whitening services

●  Invisalign

●  Implants

●  Periodontal treatments

●  Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome Treatments

She mainly focuses on the prevention and treatment of oral diseases. She also does much work in restorative and cosmetic procedures.

She has one main office location:

Upper East Side

45 E. End Avenue, Suite 1N

New York, NY 10028


3.     Dr. John Dyer, DDS

Dr. Dyer practices in the Bronx area. He received his Dental Degree from the University of Oklahoma. His residencies were completed at St. Anthony’s Hospital and Montefiore Medical Center.

He is known for listening to each patient and taking the time to understand their needs. He also focuses on improving lifelong dental health and giving each patient the tools they need to keep their dental health in check. He also reviews all the appropriate treatment plans and makes sure the patients know what is best.

Dr. Dyer provides all the following treatments:

●  Dental consultations

●  Implants

●  Crowns and bridges

●  Routine dental care

●  Adult and children care

Dr. Dyer is also a diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He sees patients for all common and specialized reasons.

Dr. Dyer practices at the following locations:

Montefiore Centennial

3332 Rochambeau Avenue, 2nd Floor

Bronx, NY, 10467


4.     William K. Chan, DDS, PC

Dr. Chan went to the Tufts University Medical School and graduated in 2000. He has been practicing dentistry ever since and has excellent reviews. He carefully examines each patient and is very thorough when giving instructions or treatment plans. He also always asks the patients their opinions and involves them in the decision-making process.

Dr. Chan does a wide variety of services including the following:

●  Dentures

●  Dental implants

●  Invisalign

●  Palatal Expansion

●  Snoring issues

●  Teeth Whitening

●  Veneers

●  Wisdom teeth extraction

●  TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome)

●  Root canals and Endodontics

●  Fillings

●  Dental Emergencies

●  Gum disease

●  Crowns, caps, and bridges

●  Cracked and damaged teeth

●  Cosmetic dentistry

●  Orthodontics

●  Abscessed teeth

●  Halitosis

Dr. Chan has one office location located at:

Suite 300

80 Bowery Unit 300

New York, NY 10013


5.     Ehud Sasson, DDS

Dr. Sasson has been practicing dentistry for over 10 years and has skills in dental implant placement, endodontics, laser dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. He graduated in 2011 from Stony Book School of Dental Medicine and completed his residency at St. Barnabas Hospital.

He is known for his extremely dental touch which has made him well-known among patients who need extra care or who have had difficult cases. He has also worked with many patients who had bad experiences at the dentist before and has helped them overcome their fears of dental work.

He performs the following services:

●  Zirconia restorations

●  Multiple rotary endodontic systems

●  Bone grafting

●  Immediate dental implants

●  Gingival-plastic surgery

●  Immediate dental implants

●  Soft and hard tissue laser procedures

All of his techniques are highly specialized and state-of-the-art.

He has several locations:

Lincoln Family Dental

131-14 Rockaway Blvd

South Ozone Park, NY 11420

Canarsie Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

1761 Rockaway Parkway

Brooklyn, NY 11236

New York Family Dentistry

9323 Avenue L

Brooklyn, NY 11236


6.     Andrew Sarowitz, DDS

Dr. Sarowitz graduated from NYU College of Dentistry in 2009 and completed his residency at Long Island College Hospital from 2010 through 2012. He has also done years of dental work with the Brooklyn Mets. Besides working with the NBA, he also treats patients in his 3 offices in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn.

He is a family dentist that is known for being compassionate and thorough. He is the director of implants and Advanced Laser Dentistry at his clinic in the Bronx. He has advanced surgical training which allows him to perform extractions, bone grafting, and other outpatient services.

With 11 years of dental practice, he advanced training and also works with special needs children and adults. He also provides his staff with special needs training.

He performs the following services at his locations:

●  Laser whitening

●  Valplast and flexy partials

●  Dental implants and overdentures

●  Advanced laser therapy

●  Cosmetic dentistry

●  Teeth whitening

●  General dentistry

●  Family dentistry

His main office is located at:

The Bronx Dental Center

47 E 167th St

Bronx, NY 10452


7.     Sergey Sandler, DDS

Dr. Sandler has been practicing dentistry for 23 years. He mainly works in the Baychester and Bronx areas. Along with cosmetic and routine dentistry, he also offers holistic dentistry options. Walk-ins are welcome and he provides free consultations. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from New York University College of Dentistry in 1987.

He works with adults, children, and geriatric patients. He also speaks Russian and English, so he can communicate with patients in several languages if needed.

He is well-known for the following services:

●  Dental whitening

●  Tooth extractions

●  Prosthodontics

●  Dental implant surgery

●  TMJ (Temporal-Mandibular Join Syndrome)

●  Crowns

●  Bridges

●  Periodontics

●  Orthodontics

●  Orofacial pain treatment

●  Root canals

●  Emergency dental services

●  Oral and maxillofacial surgery

His office is located at:

Dr. Sergey Sandler

3366 Boston Road

Bronx, NY 10469


8.     Rosette Imani, DDS

Dr. Imani is a general and cosmetic dentist. She has been practicing for over 15 years in the New York City area and surrounding suburbs. She works at the Jamaica Hospital Medica Center in Queens as the Doctor of Dental Surgery.

She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from SUNY Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine and completed her residency at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center where she now works. Her clinics are called I Smile Dental Care and are all over New York City.

She provides services in the following areas:

●  Dental bonding

●  Invisalign

●  Porcelain crowns

●  Teeth whitening

●  Root canal treatments

●  Caps, crowns, and bridges

●  Tooth extractions

●  Dental cleanings

●  Dental check-ups

●  Dental implant surgery

Her two main locations in New York:

I Smile Dental Care

8418 37th Avenue

Jackson Heights, NY 11372


I Smile Dental Care

104-23 Roosevelt Avenue

Corona, NY 11368


9.     Ryan Health Dental

Ryan Health is located on the upper west side at 110 W 97th Street. They offer caring dental care to pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients. They also focus on giving their patients good dental habits to prevent tooth and gum disease.

The following services can be done at Ryan Health Dental:

●  Dental exams

●  X-rays

●  Cleaning and hygiene services

●  Oral cancer screening

●  Fillings and restorations

●  Tooth replacement

●  Dental sealants

●  Fluoride treatments

●  Nightguards for teeth grinding and other issues

●  Emergency evaluation and care

They have 6 highly qualified dentists that work as a team and provide you all the care you need.

●  Andrew Lam, DDS

●  Jacqueline Aguilar, DDS

●  Robert Tasca, DDS

●  Richard Lee, DDS

●  Takyan Chan, DDS

●  Jennifer Lee, DMD

You can check their website for all their services and make an appointment with their online portal as well.

Callen-Lorde Dental

Callen Lorde-Dental on West 18th Street in New York City accepts Medicaid as well as a sliding scales fee structure for those who need a service not paid for by Medicaid.

They offer the following services:

●  Root canals

●  Crowns and bridges

●  Dentures

●  Referrals to other services if needed

●  Restorations and fillings

They also offer routine dental care including:

●  Head and neck exams

●  Mouth and teeth cleanings

●  Screening and x-rays

They have several dentists on staff that is all highly trained. They work with children, adults, and geriatric patients. They also integrate and coordinate with your primary care provider to ensure that everyone knows the treatment plan. 

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