Many New York residents aren’t aware that they can hire and pay their friends and family members to be their personal caregivers.

Similarly, plenty of caregivers don’t know that they can get compensated for helping a sick or elderly loved one.

Curious? Keep reading this article to learn more.

What is CDPAP?

CDPAP, which is offered through Medicaid, stands for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program.

As a CDPAP caregiver, you can get hired and paid to help a family member or friend who needs assistance with completing their daily tasks and taking care of their home.

Before your loved one can choose you or someone else that they trust as their personal caregiver, they must first qualify for CDPAP.

How does one qualify for CDPAP?

In order to become eligible for CDPAP, your friend or family member must demonstrate that they are:

  • Enrolled in a Medicaid health plan
  • A resident of New York State
  • Diagnosed with a medical condition
  • In need of support when it comes to completing daily tasks
  • Capable of directing and instructing the CDPAP caregiver

To clarify, your loved one has to meet all five of these requirements to qualify for CDPAP and hire you to provide them with care.

Who can be a CDPAP caregiver?

In short, anyone can be a CDPAP caregiver once the patient decides to hire them. Keep in mind, though, that spouses can’t get paid to be each other’s caregivers, even if they satisfy the above requirements.

Is a CDPAP caregiver covered by insurance?

Yes, they are. CDPAP caregivers get paid by Medicaid, and the program typically reimburses them through a third-party fiscal intermediary.

If you are planning on becoming a CDPAP caregiver, you may want to consider finding an intermediary that’s in your local area. This makes it easier and quicker for you to get your payment and/or deal with potential issues.

Is CDPAP only available in New York City?

No, CDPAP is available to all patients in New York State, and not just those who live in NYC.

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