Volunteering is a great way to feel good and get involved. For senior citizens in New York, it can be a rewarding experience and a chance to make friends and stay active. 

That’s why we put together this list for our CDPAP patients of 10 volunteering opportunities in NYC.

If you want to volunteer and start putting your time to good use, there are tons of organizations that can use your help.

From making the streets of NYC more beautiful to lending a hand to families in need, you can do it all through volunteering, and we’re here to tell you how.

The Importance of Volunteering as a Senior Citizen

As a senior member of a community, you might have a lot of time on your hands. Maybe you’re not working full time anymore or not working at all. Whatever the case, using your time to volunteer and help the community out is rewarding and comes with a long list of benefits for seniors in New York City.

As a senior volunteer, you can enjoy:

–        A sense of happiness from helping those in your community

–        Living in a better and more tight-knit community

–        Staying active

–        Meeting other like minded seniors that want to make their community a better place

–        Experience something rewarding from helping those who need it the most

If that sounds like something you’re ready for, then keep on reading. We have 10 of the best volunteer opportunities for seniors in NYC coming right up.

Meaningful Volunteer Opportunities in NYC

When you’re ready to sign up and get out there ready to help, you can choose from these top 10 opportunities. Use these to get an idea of what your options are and start making more meaningful and lasting connections with those around you. Find the contact information and location of some of these opportunities, along with requirements to get started.

1. Brooklyn Lifelong Learning Volunteer

Volunteering with this non-profit organization is just as much fun as it is rewarding. Seniors that have a knack for teaching those their lifelong lessons can sign up as an instructor and teach 3-week courses. It’s an energetic environment that’s full of eager young adults and adult students that have come prepared to learn.

You have to fill out an application in order to sign up, making sure that you have all of the qualifications that you need to begin. Then, sign up for events and start helping educate those who are willing to listen.

Location: 2515 Glenwood Road #1A Brooklyn, New York

Contact: Ellen Carlson 718-951-5647

2. NYC Health + Hospitals

If you’re into a hospital atmosphere, you could volunteer to provide assistance to hospitals all across NYC. There are tons of things that you could help with, as some of the hospitals are constantly buzzing with large numbers of people. Volunteer to play with young children, help with clerical work, escort patients to the correct place, and even assist with tutoring young patients.

If you think this is the program for you, be prepared to spend at least 3-6 hours per week as a volunteer. Plus, in some circumstances, you may have to have training before you begin to volunteer. Because you’re in a hospital setting, you may also need to have all your vaccinations updated or verified beforehand.

Location: Participating hospitals across NYC

Contact: Varies by location

3. GrowNYC

Seniors that have a green thumb and love to be at one with nature can sign up with GrowNYC. Their goal is to create a greener more beautiful New York. Each session, a block in New York is chosen where volunteers will plant up a storm. Opportunities include recycling, gardening participation, and mentoring youth about environmental change.

Every so often, GrowNYC hosts an orientation for all of its new members. All new members that want to participate must make it so that they can learn the ropes and meet all the leaders and future members before their first event.

Website: growNYC.org

Contact: 212-788-7900

4. Coming of Age NYC

If you’re looking for something to get in and get active with other seniors, try out Coming of Age NYC. Seniors come together to help other seniors by partaking in friendly visits, helping with arts and crafts activities, and even assisting with the administrative stuff.

Website: Coming of Age NYC

Contact: 646-918-6123

5. Edible Schoolyard NYC

If you like to garden and educate NYC’s youth, then this program is perfect. The foundational idea deals with food, teaching young kids and teens how to grow food and cook it into healthy meals. You could either volunteer in the kitchen to teach kids how to properly prepare and cook food or work in the garden to teach proper techniques in the garden.

To become a part of the growing Edible Schoolyard community, members must be available during the school day for 3 to 5 months. Volunteer times generally run anywhere from 2.5 to 3 hours at one time, something that you should take into account before joining.

Website: Edible Schoolyard NYC

6. New York Cares

If you prefer to take your pick from a number of volunteer opportunities, then you can join New York Cares. Within their organization, you’ll have more than 1000 partners to choose from, which could range from helping the homeless to creating a cleaner and more beautiful community. Some things you could do include tutoring, taking groceries to needy families, and delivering meals to those in need.

Because New York Cares offers a ton of volunteer opportunities, the requirements for each may vary. Some may require more hours or more days per week than others. There will be something for everyone, as long as they are over the age of 18. 

Website: New York Cares

Contact: 212-228-5000

7. AmeriCorps Seniors

AmeriCorps offers volunteer opportunities for all ages. Their seniors helping seniors method is great for everyone that wants to get involved and start giving back to their community.  Some of the top senior volunteering opportunities include tutoring and mentoring youth, teaching English to immigrants, renovating homes, watching and protecting their neighborhood.

This program comes with an entry age of 55 and with a requirement to dedicate a few hours each and every week. In addition, be prepared to do some training, getting ready for the possibilities that pop up.

Website: AmeriCorps

Contact: 800-942-2766

8. Community Service Society: RSVP Program

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, or RSVP, is a volunteer opportunity that’s specifically designed for members of the community that are aged 55 and up. They have a long list of volunteer opportunities perfect for seniors including mentoring youth, healthcare education for seniors, volunteering in soup kitchens, friendly visits to seniors, and much more.

Website: Community Service Society NYC

Contact: 212-254-8900

9. Create the Good from AARP

AARP is another organization that has put together volunteering opportunities in several communities across New York. Even if seniors only want to dedicate time on the weekend, there’s sure to be something that needs to be done. Because of the agency’s involvement, there are numerous types of volunteering seniors can do, including food delivery for those in need, mentoring high school students, working with underserved communities like minority groups and women.

Due to the number of different opportunities out there for senior volunteers, the requirements may change and vary. There are ways that potential volunteers can log in and browse all the events, choosing those that are closely related to the type of volunteer experience they’re looking for.

Website: Create the Good

Contact: 866-740-7719

10. NYC Service

If your goal is to improve the beautiful city of New York, then NYC Service should be your first pick. Volunteer opportunities are out there for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Work as a literary volunteer, help adults and teach them some of your skills, or teach youth and young adults life skills to help poor families.

There are no age requirements to volunteer with NYC Service. All of the requirements change depending on the volunteer type and the organization with which it is run. To start looking for opportunities, all you’ll have to do is create an account and apply for the things that you find interesting.

Website:  NYC Service

Contact: nycservice@cityhall.nyc.gov

Find your Opportunity Today

The senior communities out there can benefit largely from getting out there and finding ways to give back to their community. Before you pick one of our top 10 volunteering opportunities, it could be a good idea to think about the areas of your community that you would like to help. Narrow down your choice and join a cause that you’re passionate about.

Once you find your place, you’ll be on your way to making lasting friendships and feeling the reward of giving back to the people and places of NYC. As a senior, you are a valuable citizen that has valuable time to share. Spend that time doing things you love and helping others in the process.

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